If there was a place like this I would have done this over competitive cheer ANY DAY! Natalie is seriously one of the best and knows exactly how to work and communicate effectively with every child. She has gone above and beyond for her kids and Imperial helps build your child’s character! If you want an award winning program with amazing core values that are instilled in your child...send them here!
— Sarah King
Award winning teams. Award winning coaching staff. If you want your kid to learn what it feels like to be rewarded for hard work this is the place for you.
— Melinda Rainwater
Coach Natalie has coached my daughter over the past 10 years. Not only has Coach Natalie helped her flourish as an excellent dancer, but more importantly, she has helped to build her confidence and has played a large role in instilling values and tools to help her mature into a responsible teen. I am sincerely blessed to continue this journey with Coach Natalie and am excited about the future!
— Dawn McGuire
Amazing studio!!! My daughters love this place! The coaches are phenomenal and truly love these kids!! This place will build character, confidence and their skills!
— Mindi Horton
If you are looking for HIGHLY competitive All Star Hip Hop program - look no further! The Coaches are incredible, the team is family and the dancers are AMAZING! The other dance classes (jazz, leaps & turns, contemporary/lyrical) are also top notch.
— Marcey Connell
Simply the best!!!! My daughter loves the studio, dancers and coaches!!
— Jill Cope
My daughter began being coached by Natalie 11 years ago and has now been on 4 of her dance teams. Most people view life through the lens of ‘What if I fall?’
Coach Natalie’s life view is ‘I can’t wait to fly!’
Her creativity, talent and inspiration is a God-given gift, and Coach Natalie shares this gift by taking everyone around her on a priceless, adventurous ride. At the end, both parents and athletes find themselves saying, ‘I want to do this ‘life experience’ ride with her again!’ And you’ll never regret it.
— Dance Team Parent
As an athlete, I cannot express how much joining dance has impacted my life. The teams give me a sense of who I am, and a sense of family. The coaches push us to do better because they know we’re capable, and are always there to lead us through the hard times the season may bring. The practices can be demanding, the seasons crazy, and the stress can get high. But, I can say without a doubt that I would take all of that on time and time again just to be able to experience another season. Not only has working and competing with dance improved my competitive drive, it has also made me appreciate those I have come to meet even more. Dance has become my passion, my escape, and my heart; it changed me for the better!
— Deborah Byars
Outstanding dance studio! Coach Natalie is a excellent coach! The gym is our second home, we spend so much time there. We love the family atmosphere and excellent customer service. The competitive dance team is out of this world!
— Veronica White
My daughter has been doing competitive hip hop dance with Natalie for over 5 years and we can’t say enough about her leadership, creativity and her ability to bring out the best in every kid involved in the program. This program usually dominates at competitions and the kids really do become family.
— Christopher St. Laurent
Imperial is an awesome dance program. My sister has danced with Natalie for years and has developed skills, met life long friends and continues to learn from this program each practice. I can’t wait to see the success that this gym will see in the years to come.
— Mekechnie M.